Still in the subconscious

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This collection was made for giving you a free pfp. Enjoy it 😍

Have a 🍕

At the beggining thisWe’ve been interested in metaphysics 🗝 for a long time, reading and getting inspired.

Thinking on the best way to share all this knowledge with everyone.

We decided to write a scape game script , in wich everyone who plays it can discover this stuff as well.

We also know that everyone loves money 💵. So, we’ve found the best platform where to build this MAGICVERSE 🔮 and make you earn money just playing, having fun and discovering.

You’ll need a character to get into the game, that’s why [FREE] playable BJ’s collection 👾 for those amazing holders who supported the project, is gonna be available before launching the game.

Boomy Jellies is a 5k jpegs, gifs, 2D, 3D, 1/1, pixel NFT project.

Main goal is helping people to get money.

How? Well, minting this NFT for free and selling it in OpenSea.

Since we are still waiting for Ethereum 2.0 we will drop the collection on Polygon (gas-free).

You wont need any Matic to buy it. Just to set your Matic Wallet. Do not worry, is very easy, minting site will be help you to do it.

Once you mint your NFT, this one will be reflected in your OpenSea account (in the collection as well) and you will be able to list it in WETH if you want to sell it.

Free Mint